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  4. A Look at the Lego Company Record

A Look at the Lego Company Record

The company that makes those famed interlocking bricks began life as a small workshop in Billund, Denmark. Master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen great son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen ran the corporation, which quickly grew to be a leading producer of plastic gadgets. At the time, various customers tended to stick with wooden or perhaps metal toys and games, and numerous Lego’s early shipments had been returned due to poor sales. However , the brand soon used and in 1949 bought a equipment that could mass-produce different kinds of plastic-type material toys. This allowed Lego to propose 200 different kinds of toys : including baby rattles, plastic-type balls and toy tractors. Nevertheless , the company’s iconic Lego bricks were not introduced until 1958.

In the 1970s, the company’s products became increasingly advanced, with the Unit Team series introducing an element of physical accuracy to its collections that would in the future evolve in the Technic collection. Lego also started retailing its 1st human figures, which may later progress into the Mini figure design that appears in every Lego arranged today. The corporation began to branch out internationally in the late 1960s, opening its first of all North American Lego production service and starting a research and development office.

The ’80s were an especially active decade for Lego, with the enterprise opening its first idea parks and introducing the wildly popular Ninjago path. Lego as well increased its educational capacities by offering a variety of teaching means. In the 1990s, the company suffered a fall in gains, which was partially caused by a change in design philosophy that found more focus on licensed intellectual property including Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh, which in turn turned many fans aside.

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