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  4. Sober Summer: A Guide to Vacationing in Recovery

Sober Summer: A Guide to Vacationing in Recovery

Another popular activity is to take a ‘sober cruise’ where participants enjoy all of the amenities and fun offered by a cruise ship without partaking in alcohol or drug use. For instance, you might be able to attend a virtual meeting or watch sobriety videos online to get you through that brief period. You’ll also want to make sure to bring whatever you need to use your sober strategies on your vacation. Taking along your laptop, journal, or yoga mat can help you to maintain your aftercare plan to the best of your ability until you get back home. Yet, you might still be hesitant to purchase your travel tickets if you’re worried about undoing all your hard work in sobriety.

She firmly believes that courage and vulnerability are essential leadership skills needed to meet the challenging demands of today’s organizations. She is passionate about connecting with people and helping them find the right next step in their emotional wellness journey. Lizzy’s recovery journey sparked her passion for helping others and inspired her desire to change and grow as a leader in this particular field. Lizzy McGlothlin has worked in the behavioral health field for over 15 years in various administrative and leadership roles.

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You can also have some coping strategies, such as meditation, journaling, or exercise, that you can use if you feel stressed or triggered. One of the perks of sober tourism is that you can find new and delicious non-alcoholic drinks you may not find at home. Many destinations have their specialty drinks that are refreshing, flavorful, and healthy. Going to an escorted tour vacationing in recovery or seminar is a great idea for people in recovery from addiction because it allows them to have a fun and rewarding vacation without compromising their sobriety. It also helps them to strengthen their recovery skills, boost their confidence, and expand their horizons. For example, you could book a separate bedroom or a hotel room instead of staying in someone else’s house.

Visiting out of the usual season and making a real effort to use locally run businesses allows expenditure to be distributed more widely — particularly after a challenging period. Ahealthierphilly also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue this website,
any page or any functionality at any time and without any notice. Make sure you have coping essentials on hand to counter potential setbacks. If they want to go to a nightclub where drugs or alcohol may be available, you can say no and stay behind.

Dual Diagnosis: Treating Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Whether you decide to rent an RV, go glamping, or become one with nature, a getaway on the road can be thrilling – especially if you plan to stop at a few roadside attractions along the way. If you are using a trip away as a means to escape difficulties in your life and recovery, then it is unrealistic that things will be any different just because you’re in a different location. Writer and spiritual thinker, Eckhart Tolle stated, “Life is now.” This means that the best time to be planning a vacation is when you feel stable in your recovery and generally happy with your life. Being in a good frame of mind before you go away is also important because vacations can be stressful. Even when they are meant to be relaxing, there are many opportunities and triggers for relapse. In order to ensure that your trip is as fun-filled and happy as you deserve it to be, it is perhaps best to wait until you have an extended period of good sobriety under your belt.

  • Also, if you know certain places might trigger you, avoid them.
  • Recovery can open up new possibilities and opportunities, especially while traveling.
  • Call ahead and pre-plan activities that will encourage and inspire you and ultimately promote your recovery.
  • Whatever method you choose, taking a group meeting with you on sober vacations can enhance your experience and help you to stay on track with your recovery.
  • If you or someone you know needs support around the holidays, Center for Discovery can help.
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