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The Best Lego Designs

If there is one thing Profano does perfectly it’s creating mind blowing constructions and architectures that have the ability to stay ahead of the audience. We’ve noticed professional Lego artists build incredible sculptures like the Olympic Park and St Pancras Station in London and even a Las Vegas strip. Although it’s not simply just buildings that capture the imagination – there are also plenty of awesome Profano designs of pets or animals and roles from popular movies, tv programs and catalogs.

The best Seglar sets are more than just toys, they might be used to tutor children about the world and just how it works. They can also be a source of inspiration meant for grown-ups. We have rounded up a few of the coolest models for you to enjoy.

Lego lovers can now build their own variation of the Millennium Falcon because of this incredibly detailed placed released in 2017. It was one of many largest Suggestions sets and included a whole lot of minifigures from the Star Wars franchise. The only problem we can see with this is getting enough space to show it all!

Practically ten years after the short-lived sci-fi TV show and film Comfort went off the air, Joss Whedon supporters continue to express the passion to get the series with incredible fanart. This awe-inspiring Lego statue of the Comfort ship by Bricklayer Dirk Van Haesbroeck is a great example. It’s a display of the creative imagination of the lover community plus the power of Lego that the figurine can be available in an memorial.

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