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Evercode White Label Crypto Wallet Reviews, Prices & Ratings

Are you that entrepreneur who wishes to make a mark in the digital economy? Zumo App’s customer base has grown 25% month-on-month since the platform launched in August 2020. Zumo Enterprise’s customers can choose modules as required and benefit from direct access to Zumo’s team of industry experts. Mobile Wallets – Undoubtedly, there has been an explosion in smartphone usage. Hence, investors can use Android and iOS apps for managing their funds seamlessly. Generally, mobile wallets support popular cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens.

  • Using ZiLab’s white label cryptocurrency exchange software budding entrepreneurs can kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange in one shot with no back paining efforts.
  • It is PCI-Certified and has built strong partnerships and a solid reputation since inception.
  • If you do not have programming experience or your own team of professionals, in this case, you can turn to the services of developers to help you create a platform.
  • Hence, investors can manage their portfolios in a glitch-free manner.
  • Exodus is an entry-level digital wallet with a choice of linking to 150 cryptocurrencies and a built-in exchange.

Swapping platforms attract new crypto projects to list their tokens in trading pairs to widen their markets. The convenience and ease of swapping enhance crypto white label crypto exchange liquidity, similar to fiat currencies, promoting crypto mass adoption. It depends on various factors such as the requirements of the client, time spent on development, skillsets of the team, features demanded, and much more. Evercode White Label Wallet is a cloud-based non-custodial solution intended for SMBs and startups looking for extended capabilities. The UI is highly customizable to make the resulting UX communicate and highlight the brand identity of your company. ZiLab offers white label crypto exchange software built with agile security tools, which is highly secured, optimized and customizable that lets anyone launch their own exchange platform.

Supported Languages

One potential drawback of the product is the lack of native support for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. This may be a concern for users who prioritize the security of their digital assets and prefer to store their cryptocurrencies offline in a hardware wallet. However, it is worth noting that alternative security measures are available within the product to ensure the safety of digital assets. ICard was founded in 2007 and has always had a fintech product focus.

Eventually, hot wallets also offer access to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization . PTPWallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that offers advanced security, support of over 400 currencies, ease… A cryptocurrency wallet gives investors and traders a direct connection to the blockchains of their chosen coins or tokens. When a transfer of a coin or token’s ownership occurs, the blockchain automatically updates the wallets of all parties concerned. Most digital wallets can handle several cryptocurrencies and connect with dApps . The wallet acts as a crypto exchange wallet and allows users to turn their Bitcoins and Altcoins into Euros through instant exchanges and use them via debit card.

Get a customized brokerage solution to build a successful business without extra costs and efforts

The aim is to give a starting point for researching digital wallets, and should not be taken as a recommendation. Traders and investors can do little in the world of cryptocurrency without a good digital wallet. Desktop wallets are considered secure, but a lot depends on using additional digital security white label crypto exchange measures like firewalls and antivirus software. Manage multiple accounts, including payments between users, all within your platform. Access global fiat, crypto, and other currencies with multi-currency physical and virtual cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay – all through your existing platform.

white label crypto wallet

Start Coding – A Cryptocurrency wallet development company will use advanced web frameworks, programming languages, and testing tools. This ensures an ultra-secure experience for investors when they buy, sell, and transfer virtual currencies. Yes, traders can safeguard funds through anti-DDoS protection, biometric authentication, end-to-end encryption , seed recovery phrases, QR code scanners, and two-factor authentication .

payment account

Importantly, investors can store their digital assets offline to prevent hacking and phishing attacks. Lumi Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet solution that helps users buy, exchange, store, and monitor coins, such as BTC,… PTPWallet is the premier cryptocurrency wallet on the market, designed to allow users to store and manage various types… Electrum is a one-trick pony designed to do one job well – manage Bitcoin investments.

white label crypto wallet

If so, white label crypto exchange software development makes an ideal solution as it is a more convenient counterpart than going for a custom development solution. We provide multiple language support in our white label crypto exchange software. Luxembourg-based Mangopay, which was acquired by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa in 2015, offers a range of mobile wallet services, including C2C and B2B payments, white-label solutions and plugins.

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Exodus is an entry-level digital wallet with a choice of linking to 150 cryptocurrencies and a built-in exchange. However, intermediate or advanced users may find the software too simplistic with a lack of feature choice. A winning feature for Exodus is helpful support to aid beginners in their cryptocurrency journey. A digital wallet aimed at investing expats at any stage of their cryptocurrency adventure.

Storing cryptocurrency is free, although buying and selling may attract fees. A setting to customise the fees is important to traders making lots of transactions. The setting allows them to hold fees until the network is quieter and the charges reduce, making transfers cheaper. A digital or electronic wallet is a software program that stores encrypted financial and personal data relating to cryptocurrency.

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