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What Is Solutions Architect? Roles And Responsibilities 2023

You can consult the mobile app development company professionals for the same. A mobile app’s tech architecture strategy depends on the modern-age technologies chosen by the solutions architect. Multiple programming languages, libraries, frameworks, standards, and architectural patterns are available, and each has different tech stack requirements.

  • These include a strong knowledge of business processes, IT systems, and solutions, while also being able to communicate complex software processes.
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  • Provide opportunity strategy leveraging market and industry knowledge and trends.
  • Identify and lead initiatives and programs to scale the organization and its operations for future growth.
  • In this article, we’ll discuss what solution architecture is, describe the role of a solution architect, and explain how the adoption of this expertise can help solve business problems.
  • Organizations need to ensure that their core operations are transferred to the best tech solutions, otherwise they risk falling behind their competitors.

The ideal fit for the role will have a strong background in problem-solving and analyzing business technology and frameworks, with an enthusiasm to learn. The focus of the role is to help solve the organization’s network problems, develop and implement effective planning and maintenance to existing networks and replace networks if needed. Keeps abreast of current and future trends, technology, and information that will positively affect organizational projects. Applies and integrates emerging technologies and patterns to new and existing systems architecture where appropriate.

What Is the Solutions Architect Role?

A solutions architect should hold a specific skill set that’s enough to successfully craft, build, and guide the software development solution. A solution architect finds the required software solution and works with a clear project vision and a clear understanding of the client’s business requirements. As a solutions architect, you’ll want to get certified in any relevant skills or technologies for your industry or field. The skills and knowledge that you’ll need can vary depending on the role, but you can always find certifications and courses for individual skills required for the job such as Java, AWS, Azure, or Apache Kafka. From an employee’s point of view, certification is mainly needed for a specific company.

Effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and the general public. Teamwork – Works independently and/or within a small team, occasionally leading and mentoring solutions architect vs product manager other colleagues. Experience sustaining operational stability through various life cycle phases (planning, implementation, steady state, de-commissioning); Ability to provision and budget via capital and operating.

How to make your IT project secured?

This digital transformation demands specific expertise and a set of practices to align business focus with technology solutions. Solutions architects must be able to take a broad look at the entire picture to see how different summands and business processes work together. Not a single detail should escape their searching glance to find its place among other important elements. Plus, solutions architects ought to constantly keep in mind the overall corporate strategy and goals the organization aims to achieve.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

So, having one or more credentials demonstrates the candidate’s proficiency in particular skills. Solutions architect skills include technical knowledge, communication, and leadership skills. But their experience with commercial projects is the key to getting the job. These limitations may change the product a lot — and thus change its cost and time to market.

What Is Solutions Architect? Major Roles & Responsibilities Defined!

The process requires regular feedback, adjustments, and problem-solving in order to properly design and implement potential solutions. It’s like hiring a super-senior developer but with deep expertise in a specific field — healthcare, education, traveling, or any other. Besides picking the technologies, IT solution architects define the development stages the team will go through and help with calculating the product’s cost. As the solution architect knows the architecture components, they know what people — front end, back end, iOS, Android developers — they need to involve.

A solution architect is a professional responsible for designing, planning, and implementing solutions within an organization. They will also need a solid understanding of various technologies, such as web services, virtualization, distributed systems, and software-defined networking. Software architecture and systems integrated into it are numerous details that work together. A solutions architect needs to be very attentive to those details, as overlooking something may hinder the development process, lead to breakdowns, or make the software solution inefficient. They also should be able to understand the technical specifications of many different software solutions and hardware and perform analysis of different business layers.

Need help hiring a Solutions Architect?

In addition, examinees must know how to plan, design, and manage the infrastructure and provide for its security and scalability. It’s worth mentioning that these official confirmations expire, and thus, the exams must be retaken every few years or so. A solution architect This specialist thinks through the implementation of the selected solution or feasibility of a certain change in the tech ecosystem. At the same time, all the steps must support the executives’ objectives.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

Solutions architects also need strong leadership skills and several years of hands-on experience in a related field. Broadly speaking, a solution architect’s task is to evaluate all business requirements and come up with solutions in the form of products or services. SAs are not only in charge of finding answers but also of actively leading the technical vision to success.

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Because the hourly rate as a benchmark unit for calculation is conditioned by many factors, primarily by the location of the specialist. Solutions architects outline the features of the future solution and map out the phases of its development and implementation. Logistics Strong logistics expertise, high-quality software solutions, and end-to-end development. Mobile app development The widest range of custom-designed mobile apps and free consulting on project strategy.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

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