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  4. Data Breaches That Have Happened in 2024 So Far Updated List

Data Breaches That Have Happened in 2024 So Far Updated List

A government employee accidentally sending someone an email with sensitive data is usually described as a leak, rather than a breach. As discussed in the introduction to this article, this is not the first time that  T-Mobile has fallen victim to a high-profile cyber attack impacting millions of customers. ADP says the information leak appears to be limited to that self-service registration portal. “ADP has no evidence that its systems housing employee information have been compromised. Additionally, the company is working with a federal law enforcement task force to identify the fraud perpetrators,” Wolfe says.

  • Discord has told users that their email addresses and customer service queries – as well as any documents sent to Discord – may have been accessed.
  • Using a process called “Flowjacking”, hackers were able to determine the work and data flow of ADP’s internal processes.
  • ADP shares dropped to about 0.7% following the report of the breach, while its client and confirmed affected party went down 1.3%.
  • Patterson, N.J.-based ADP provides payroll, tax and benefits administration for more than 640,000 companies.

If the company you work for uses ADP payroll services, and you receive an ADP paycheck or W2 tax form, you are at risk of becoming a tax fraud victim. You may be able to join a class action lawsuit investigation, which could lead to a lawsuit and potential compensation for losses suffered as a result of this security breach. An attacker could also access a range of personal data including name, birth date, physical address, pay stubs, or Social Security number — all the information they’d need to commit identity theft. They could also locate an employee’s tax documents, which could be used to file fraudulent tax returns on the worker’s behalf and redirect the funds to attackers’ accounts. In fact, this is not the first time third-party providers were used as a channel for compromise.

ADP pricing, plans and features

Bank, which contracts with ADP payroll services, sent a letter to its employees who may have been affected. The widely-covered T-Mobile data breach that occurred last year, for instance, cost the company $350 million in 2022 – and that’s just in customer payouts. T-Mobile fell victim to two more breaches during 2023, putting more customer data at risk.

  • That included everything from downplaying the real-world impact of spills of personal information to failing to answer basic questions.
  • Our payroll software review methodology page explains more about how we choose, rate and review products.
  • Small business owners will also appreciate the company’s mobile app, which makes accessing plan information particularly easy for both employers and their employees.

The BBC reported the following month that the watchdog had failed a basic cybersecurity test around the same time hackers gained entry to the organization. It has not yet been revealed who carried out the intrusion — or if it is known — and how the Commission was breached. ADP offers a variety of plans for every size business that may be interested in not just 401(k) plans but also SIMPLE IRAs and SEP IRAs.

ADP Latest To Get Hit By Hackers – Was Your Account Affected?

Data breaches have been on the rise for a number of years, and sadly, this trend isn’t slowing down. Data breaches have affected companies and organizations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, and they’re costing US businesses millions in damages. In its Dec. 30 statement, Xerox said the breach “had no impact on Xerox’s corporate systems, operations or data, and no effect on XBS operations.” The company said it planned to notify any affected individuals. The Norwalk, Conn.-based copier and printer giant declined to comment Tuesday on whether partner or customer data was impacted in the breach.

Ransomware Leak Site Victims Reached Record-High in November

It is also probably a good idea to have your networked scanned and evaluated for security risks. Norton Rose Fulbright Verein helps coordinate the activities of the members but does not itself provide legal services to clients. XBS U.S. “experienced a security incident which was detected and contained by Xerox cybersecurity personnel,” Xerox said in the statement. The printer and copier giant says that its Xerox Business Solutions U.S. subsidiary was affected in the cyberattack, but has not disclosed whether customer and partner data was impacted. The most advanced ADP RUN plan, HR Pro, also includes access to a learning management system and a sexual harassment training course.

The recently reported ADP breach demonstrates the grave repercussions of losing W-2 data to cybercriminals. Data thieves have been known to target W-2 data as these contain irreplaceable personal information that can be sold in the underground or used to stage further attacks, particularly identity theft and financial fraud. The New York Attorney General’s Office says Zoetop lied about the size of the breach, as the company initially said only 6.42 million accounts had been affected and didn’t confirm credit card information had been stolen when it in fact had.

Hackers took advantage of vulnerability in Citrix cloud-computing software

Furthermore, small businesses need the same access to investment advice and research as larger enterprises. With ADP’s SMARTSync tool, you can integrate your retirement plan data with ADP’s payroll software, thus eliminating manual entry and reducing potential errors. Discord has told users that their email addresses and customer service queries – as well as any documents sent to Discord – may have been accessed. The customer service agent’s account has been locked and the company is in the process of ensuring that no persistent threat remains on their devices or network.

Small business owners don’t have hours to spend to set up an employee retirement savings plan; they need it to be quick and easy to implement and simple for employees to enroll in. It’s apparent that ADP had these considerations in mind when it developed its user-friendly digital dashboard. With this portal, ADP makes it simple to set up a retirement plan for your staff by breaking down the process into easily digestible tasks you need to complete. As a payroll and HR software provider, ADP sells services and products that help other businesses hire, support and pay their employees. Rather than simply targeting one type of business or selling just one product, ADP offers a wide range of payroll, HR, HCM and HRIS tools with varying price points, features and levels of support. U.S. Bancorp first became aware of the ADP payroll cyber attack on April 19, after this year’s tax deadline.

Using personal information gathered from other sources, hackers were able to round up data from about 724,000 compromised taxpayer accounts. In connection with providing payroll, tax and benefits administration, ADP stores tax and salary information, such as W-2s, for each of its customer’s employees. For some ADP customers, employees can view this information themselves by registering with ADP’s self-service portal. ADP has thus far not released information on how many records were put at risk by the successful hack against them, and security experts stress that ADP itself was not hacked.

In January 2020, the Meadville Medical Center in Pennsylvania had a security breach with their payroll system which resulted in unauthorized exposure of employee personal data and their dependents’ personal information. “The HPOU was notified that ADP had a security breach in relation to the City’s online W-2s. This breach is extremely low risk but does potentially affect approximately 1,300 classified HPD employees.

ADP makes it easy to establish a retirement plan for your business, especially with a team of implementation managers at your disposal. The company even has English and Spanish language assistance, which opens up the program to more business owners. With the help of this support staff, your business’s plan can be established the very same day you ink a deal with ADP. We appreciate that ADP makes it simple for employees to plan for retirement and track their financial goals. The company’s Retirement Readiness calculator, for example, estimates how much money they’ll need for retirement based on their lifestyle goals and how well they are tracking toward those goals. It’s a fairly effortless way for workers to stay engaged in their financial planning and contribute to their future success.

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