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Pacesetter Starter. Student’s Book

Pacesetter Novels

Fortunately, but sadly, somewhere inside Kaduna’s central market, in a stationery store built with wood and zinc, that also serves as a bookshop, I found just two copies of Pacesetters novels. Pacesetter Novels They were not recent stories and need I try that hard? Now, the Pacesetters Series has a website “dedicated to projecting the series and bringing you these timeless collectibles and keepsakes.

Pacesetter Novels

It is incumbent on me now to deal with the once-so-popular Pacesetters series. Many of us may have scoffed at the Pacesetters initially, but I have to admit here that the series did a world of good to the reading culture in Nigeria. The most similar books to the Pacesetters series published in Nigeria in recent times are Ankara Press books in our romance section.

Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age

Given that I belong with the ancients, when I wrote about the crooked writer Lobsang Rampa I got a call that I should write more on the old maverick writers because the young readers wanted to know more about them. All the novels in the Macmillan Pacesetters series deal with contemporary issues and problems in a way that is particularly designed to interest young adults, although the stories are such that they will appeal to all ages. In hindsight, represented a unique golden era in African publishing. The books had a large audience across the entire African Continent, helping to introduce new Authors and exposing us to everyday life in other African countries. The Pacesetters series was characterised by adventures of falling in love, ethno-religious conflicts, tragic tales of woe, cautionary tales, and “rags to riches” (and sometimes back to rags!) tales.

  • I referred to Pacesetters in this post originally published in February, ‘Tis the Season of Love.
  • They continue to perpetuate the myth that Africa is mediocre.
  • California has long been the pacesetter in regulating car emissions.
  • But because we let this fatigue fester long I’m beginning to think we have more distractions now.

During our conversation she asked me if I had heard about the Pacesetters Series, and informed me that it was probably before my time. So obviously, once I got home I had to find out about this Pacesetters series. Hi guys, today’s post is a guest post by Uzor Maxim Uzoatu which we read on This is Lagos.

Throwback: Pacesetters Series

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